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Why BlockCrowd Financial?

BlockCrowd Financial lowers the technical and legal barriers around investing in equities & alternative investment funds.

Small to large investors can now participate in tokenized investments, and benefit from access to secondary exchanges.

BlockCrowd Financial is helping to build tomorrow's new disruptive markets for Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Startups & Alternative Investments!


Ease of Use

• Simple, intuitive sign-up

• User-friendly interface

• AI recommendation engines


Investing / Impact Friendly

• Asset Managers tokenize funds

• Investors browse offerings

• Lower transaction fees


Programmable Securities

• Smart Contracts track funds

• Disburse dividends automatically

• Ensures compliance / lowers cost


Secondary Market

• Traditionally - investors locked-in

• New secondary market liquidity

• Avoid early redemption penalties


3rd Party Marketplace

• Investment Professional support

• Assist Asset Managers & Investors

• Services, Apps, API's, & AI tools


Regulations / Legal Review

• Legal review of core documents

• Community experts give guidance

• Expert assistance to investors


Benefit from new investment opportunities and direct capital

Investors of all sizes can now easily access the best deals and opportunities to grow their capital.

Intermediaries and antiquated bureaucracy are removed, allowing near frictionless movement of capital, all the while providing improved compliance and transparency.

By pooling capital, investors get the best terms, lower minimums, and maximum flexibility. What could be better?


Funds, companies, and projects can access new capabilities of alternative digital liquidity

New sources of capitalization are now available via tokenization of securities. With security tokens, your fund or company can now raise capital quickly and smoothly via our global network of accredited, retail, family office, and institutional investors.

You can still raise in your traditional ways. BlockCrowd Financial can act as a supplemental provider or as your primary capitalization facilitator, depending on your preference.

Strategic partnerships are welcome in the BlockCrowd Financial network since our goal is to create win-win relationships that allow our fund and asset issuing clients to raise more easily and efficiently, while our investors get maximal value and never before seen levels of liquidity. The best of both worlds!

Our Team

Great People on 4 Continents
Los Angeles - Chicago - Toronto - New York - São Paulo - Lisbon - Gibraltar - London - Zürich - Geneva - Riyadh - Dubai - Singapore

David Rothman

Chairman &

James Spurway

Chief Strategy Officer /
Managing Partner SE Asia

Fabrice W. Haddad

COO / CIO / Managing Director,
BlockCrowd Capital

Sheldon Freedman

Chief Legal Officer

Rubens Neistein

Managing Partner,
South America

Deepak Pankaj

Managing Director, Strategic
Business Development

Nouf Alhaqbani, MBA

Managing Partner,

Michael Rothman

Chief Investment

Shane Rushent

Chief Product and
Digital Presence Officer

Sean Kelly

Managing Director,
Switzerland - Geneva

Leandro Peixoto

Chief Creative

LJ Armstrong

Business Development /

Michael Stopnicki

Managing Director,

Eli Fletcher

Investor Relations /
Fund Analyst

Daniel Zegal, MSc.

Head of
Software Development

Zev Landsberg

Chief of Staff

Solomon Bloom

European Real Estate
Funds Lead

Shaya Hamer

Special Projects /
Investor Mgmt

Mendy Bauer

Investor Relations /
RE Analyst

Jake Seligmann

Investor Relations /
RE Analyst


Neil Gelfand, MBA, JD

MD, Riverside Capital
Advisor - PE/Hedge Funds

Charles Gelinas, Esq.

Partner, Dentons
Advisor - Legal

Anthony Hamer

Advisor - Capital Markets

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